Services Provided

"The longing for love that is in every one of us is the longing to be recognized, not on the level of form, but on the level of being."

Ekhart Tolle

Providing Couples, Family, Child/Teen, Individual & Group Counseling Services.

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Child and Teen Counseling
    • Divorce, stress, anxiety, anger, struggles with life transitions, gender identity and developmental concerns are just a few of the issues that bring children into my office. Partnering with parents and using play therapy, expressive arts and solution focused methods children and teens gain an opportunity to explore who they are, how they feel, what they need and how to communicate it. My intention is for them to take away an imaginary tool bag of practical solutions that work for them. 
  • Couples Counseling & Intensives
    • For couples who are struggling AND for couples doing well and want to make their relationship great! Informed by numerous cutting edge therapeutic models for moving couples out of conflict, relational distress and toxic patterns into healthy, secure, co-regulating, loving relationships.
  • Family Counseling
    • Family sessions can create a  time to come together in a setting outside of daily life to listen better, deepen understanding of each other's point of view, and find solutions to troubling dynamics or situations.
  • Individual Sessions
    • Working one on one provides a unique opportunity to deepen awareness, reprocess and heal trauma, learn to regulate emotions, thoughts and sensations for greater interal peace, understand relational patterns, identify and heal what stands in the way of you being your best self.
    • Addiction & Recovery
      • Reaching for something outside of one's self to comfort, soothe or avoid pain can turn into the devastating cycle of addiction. Learn tools to achieve sobriety, feel centered and well, establish healthy boundaries, self esteem and coping strategies that bring inner strength and calm.
    • Depression and Anxiety
      • Many of my clients are effected personally or by a loved one's depression and anxiety. Learn tools to manage, and take charge of the cyclic nature of these common patterns that interfere with one's mental health. 
    • Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
      • Who we are and who we love is deeply personal. Bluntly our genitals are not the best indicator for who we are, how we see ourselves and who we are attracted to. Let's explore what being your authentic self means to you.
      • As the loved one of someone on a journey of discovering their authentic, best self, when that discovery is different than their sex designated at birth, can be an anxious, confusing and distressing time for all involved.  We know responding in the most affirming ways to someone brave enough to share or question their gender identity or sexual orientation has a profoundly positive impact and minimizes mental health challenges for that individual. Let's create a safe space together to release doubts and fears, reduce anxiety, and  learn about gender and sexuality and their nuanced spectrum of possibilities.
    • Grief Counseling
      • Times of loss offer the opportunity to slow down and take time and care of one's self. When honored the grieving process is filled with many gifts and potential for growth.
    • Wellness
      • Finding balance and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships at home, with friends and at work makes a huge difference in each person's perceived sense of wellness. 
  • Parenting Support
    • With compassion and clarity teaching parents to raise happy, resilient, confident children while balancing roles and keeping their relationships and themselves healthy. 
  • Trauma Therapy
    • Trauma Resiliency Model - a somatic approach to healing relational trauma, traumatic events, and increase of body awareness.
    • Attachment Focused EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) - Explores threads of developmental trauma and anxiety, freeing up space within to be fully in the present moment.
    • Post Induction Therapy developed by Pia Mellody at the Meadows Treatment Center designed to anchor one's self in your best self, while using imagery and role play to release trauma and shame.

"If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything." Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022)